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 Surf's Up!

Grassroots Powdersurfing: Surf's Up!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Surf's Up!

Over the past couple of years I have been doing more and more snowboarding without the binding thing. I started off back in 1999-2000 just surfing my split-board since it had grip (the pieces holding the board together and the tele porters) and some stomp pad pieces. Then came the snowskate which is absolute genius - except you cant ride more than a few inches of pow. Not long after Brandon Saunders and I broke out the Winterstick roundtail that had nubbies all over the top, a huge fish nose and a skinny round tail- this thing works perfect as a surf-board. I brought the cut down Sims Blade out of retirement and have been surfing that alot in the past couple years.

"The Blade", myself, and the Storm-dog on the first surf mission of 2006-07. I made some improvements since last season- Leash, and stomppads- grip is everything.

Blade's-eye view

The blade and I enjoyed many deep pow runs via the snowcat at Mica Creek Lodge -Interior B.C.

These were all pretty fun and fairly functional given the right snow conditions- but a month or so ago Brock Bitton showed up with a board he had made at his house out of wood, foam, and wax. I took one run on it and was sold. It looks alot like a wake-skate and rides alot like one too. I had to make one for myself. So I got to work.

I wanted it to look bad-ass.... so I got all crafty and painted a graphic
After the paint job dried I pressed it, cut it out, and cherried up the sidewalls. Then gave it a custom diecut grip job. This thing rides like a dream.

Brock - running the press - in the a........factory- yeah our factory.

Shred ready.
Nuking as hard as possible at the grove- the surfing was as epic as it gets today- super light and dry pow This is pretty much the crew- we are all working together on R&D to make the best board we can.
note all the surfboards strapped to the front of our sleds.



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